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New Harrier Book – Help Wanted

From the HFA:

Lon Nordeen is an author and former MDC/Boeing marketing manager, now retired, who is working to document the history of the Harrier. Recently a UK publisher came to Lon about a new book which would be focused on the Harrier II. Lon has done 4 books on this topic but is weak on UK contacts.

Lon made a point to try and include a fair and balanced treatment of the international elements of the overall program in his earlier V/STOL Validation book, including the industrial and political elements plus best overview of operational details at the time of print. However for an expanded book, the level of detail for the RAF/RN, Italy and Spain needs to be expanded–with a focus on first person interviews with decision makers, pilots and support personnel. In the first book V/STOL Validation, Lon received lots of support from BAE and RR types, and still has good data from their interviews done in 2003.

Lon hopes you and he can trade e-mails on this topic! Your insights would be appreciated…


  • What was the transition process and experience like going from the GR 3 to 5 to 7 for flying?

  • What did you like about flying the Harrier II? and not really enjoy?

  • Guys who flew and supported Northern Watch out of Turkey 1992-6

  • Operations in Deliberate Force/Allied Force

  • Operations in Telic in Iraq

  • Operations in Afghanistan.

  • Lon would like to talk to RAF and other industry people involved with producing and supporting the GR Mk 5, 7, 9 and RR Pegasus

  • Photos of good quality and technical drawings – Lon would like to secure permission to include in the book to support interviews and text points/messages?

If you can help Lon with this exciting and important endeavor please contact him directly at

Thank you

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