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100th Anniversary – Your Input Required!

With the IV(R) Sqn Standup complete and the squadron now preparing to accept students at Valley, thoughts are turning to the Sqn’s 100th Anniversary celebrations in 2012.

The date, although not yet confirmed, is likely to be the weekend of 21-23 September. This is the weekend after the traditional Battle of Britain celebrations and ensures a good chance of getting RAF Events Team, RAF Ceremonial and various air display teams and aircraft participation.

The format of the weekend (again, not confirmed) will probably be along the lines of:

Friday (evening): Meet & Greet, Beer Call

Saturday (day): Flying Display, Static Display, Barbecue, Squadron open for visitors

Saturday (evening): All-Ranks Dinner

Sunday: Disperse and recover

The big question is location – where should we hold the 100th?

There are three proposed sites: Valley, Wittering and Farnborough. Valley has many advantages – it is an active station, home of IV(AC)(R), Sqn diaries and silver and we would probably be assured of the Station Commander’s support. Wittering on the other hand is more central, has more people living in this area and ready access to accommodation. The slightly more unorthodox option is to look at holding the main event at Farnborough, both for its historical connection as the first base for IV Sqn, its central location and the support we could receive from BAES.

What do you think? Please let us know by completing the form below. It will take approximately 5 seconds to fill in and you are welcome to make suggestions about the weekend in the Suggestions Text Box.

[Update: 10.1.12: Poll now closed, results coming soon!]

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