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Memories of Gutersloh

Hi Chris,

I am 52 years old and police-officer in my hometown Paderborn. Sorry for my bad english.

A girl-friend sent me the link about your website. I was realy very surprised about it.

I believe I was walking with my father in an early morning in 1973 to the place what ist here called “Mönkeloh”, in the south of Paderborn. The “Mönkeloh” ist the area where during the WW II the “Fliegerhorst Paderborn” was build. Early in 1916 in WW I.

I walked with my dad, was a little boy, and he shows me the Harriers. The place was some hundred metres away from our house and we often could hear the noise, when the Harriers did warm up their engiens. Starting or landing over the day. At that morning my father took his camera. When we arrived that area he made some pictures of the aircrafts. Suddenly a guard arrieved “What are You doing here?” My first english lesson. My father came a little bit in panic, because he took photos. With his little engish words he told the guard-man, that he wants to show the Harriers to his son. The man smiled, showed us to follow him. Surpise, suprise – my father could make some other photos.

After this he told me ” We have had many luck, son. Normaly they took my camera. It is not allowed to take photos about military things! “

I rember this morning looking on your site.

I am working about the history of the Paderborn and Bad Lippspringe air-fields. My wife is a web- and graphic- designer, she created my website.

On yours I found some pictures from Bad Lippspringe and some others might be in Paderborn I think. Since many years my father ist dead. His photo-collection is very big.

If there is any interest, I will search his archive for the photos from that early morning to give them to you.

Take a look at my website please: It is still in work, sorry for this.

My father was a hard-rocker taking photos, it was is love. I will look for the Harrier pictures. Possible it was before 1973.My mother owns all pictures from my father, some thousands.

When I find them, you will get the pictures for your website.

With airminded regards


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