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RAF Cottesmore to Close

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news that RAF Cottesmore is to close in 2010, and the remaining Harrier Squadrons transferred back to RAF Wittering – “Home of the Harrier”.

All this to pay for 22 helicopters from a discredited government…

Link to Peterborough Evening Telegraph article Link to Guardian article Link to Grantham Journal article Link to Defence Management

Some comments I’ve received:

It comes as no surprise – we’ve been run by a bunch of socialist liberals (slowly shifting to Stalinist) for 12 years now. None of this is deliberate policy, it’s merely the inevitable result of ignorance and incompetence – our New Labour national traits.
We have nothing to worry about over on this side of the pond because we have Obama, and he is getting us out of this mess one shovel full at a time, or is it into this mess? Have a merry Christmas. This will all look much better after the crash of 2010.
The only good thing about these cuts is that Wittering will again be the “Home of the Harrier”. I’ve heard that the reduction in size of the Harrier Force will only just about keep pace with the exit of pilots voting with their feet!! We are now under about a foot of snow, so it is good to see Obama is doing his bit to bring on the much needed global warming by arriving in a 747 with one passenger + crew with 2 supporting transport planes to bring the fleet of large 4×4 vehicles. With a bit of luck the agreements reached should be almost enough to offset the carbon footprint created by the conference!
I’m not close to the front line mood these days so I can’t comment on these observations but as the Harrier Force carried the Afghan commitment for almost 6 years (replaced by Tornado in July) I wouldn’t be surprised that, in the light of the current government’s dismal attitude to defence, the guys have had enough!

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