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Sqn News – November 2018

Hawks at Culdrose

Hawks at Culdrose

An interesting time for the UK as Brexit rears its head. Regardless of the way in which one voted, one can be assured that this country will be consumed by a determined effort to confirm or rather re-define our identity as a nation.

After the Sqn split earlier in the calendar year, much the same can be said about IV(AC) Sqn. We have now weathered the incessant noise produced by the formation of XXV(FE) Sqn, maybe the only formation they’ve managed to achieve in recent months, and as such have been able to confirm and re-define our identity here at IV(AC).

The effort that has gone in to reforming and modernising the air to surface combat work-up, ongoing work on a more efficient radar interception training process, and the recently started development of more effective air combat tactics are all indicators that IV(AC) Sqn have the calibre of staff that define fighter pilot training, not least carry out a successful taxy and brakes check without popping the tyres.

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