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100th Anniversary Poll Results – Win for Wittering

Out of 83 responses (thanks everyone!), there were 12 votes (14%) for Farnborough, 16 votes (19%) for Valley and 55 votes (66%) for Wittering.

So, an overwhelming win for Wittering, home of the Harrier.

Planning continues with IV(R) Sqn consulting with the Association closely. Your votes will be taken into consideration when the decision on the venue is finally made.

Thanks again.

2 comments to 100th Anniversary Poll Results – Win for Wittering

  • mikeog007

    It would really be wrong to have the reunion anywhere else.Wittering is the home of the ‘HARRIER’no disrepect to the other stations but other than Wittering,if it could have been pulled off then Gutersloh would have been the ultimate venue…..

  • Wittering might be closed by September, Mike…

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