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IV Sqn Centenary – It’s RAF Valley, 21-23 September

OK, I know we’re going to get some flak for this decision, so soon after the poll on the preferred venue was so firmly won by Wittering, but if we’re going to have a memorable Centenary then it really has to be held at RAF Valley.

The reasons include:

  • IV(R) Squadron is based at Valley and probably will be for as long as there’s an air force

  • We will get the full support and attendance of the Squadron at Valley

  • We will get full support from the station

  • RAF Valley is an active airfield, unlike Wittering which is closed to visiting aircraft, so we’ll be able to have a flying display including Four’s Four

  • The Squadron building (the Moran Building) will be open to visitors, including the History Room (it would not be possible to transport these valuable items temporarily to another location)

  • It would be very difficult to organise an event like this away from the Sqn

  • And finally, there’s a possibility that RAF Wittering will be closed by September

The only advantage of holding the event at Wittering is that it’s a central location, but, in the opinion of the committee, this advantage is far outweighed by the reasons above. We will investigate the possibility of hiring a coach to run from the Wittering area (Stamford?) on Friday to arrive at Valley at about 1700, and back on Sunday.

The Sqn is 100% committed to this event and has already held several meetings this year to get the planning started. Among other things they are going to be promoting the Centenary on the Air Show Circuit this summer.

So, the tentative plan at the moment looks like this:

  • Friday 21 Sep: 1300: Coach leaves Stamford (?) for RAF Valley
  • Friday 21 Sep: 1700: Meet & Greet/Happy Hour at the Officers’ Mess; Happy Hour food
  • Saturday 22 Sep a.m.: Golf, sea fishing for those so inclined; Moran Building open, History Room open, Simulator and Fixed Base Trainer open
  • Saturday 22 Sep p.m.: BBQ; flying display
  • Saturday 22 Sep: 1900: either massive hangar party or more formal dinner night depending on numbers; live band
  • Sunday 23 Sep: 1000: Possible dedication of IV Sqn stained glass window in RAF Valley Church; depart
  • Sunday 23 Sep: 1200: Coach departs for Stamford (this could be delayed until after lunch if required)

A word about the Stained Glass Window. The Sqn is investigating the possibility (and cost) of erecting a IV Sqn stained glass window in the RAF Valley church that will go alongside the window commemorating 19 Sqn that has been recovered from Wildenrath. The estimate is in the region of £800. If this goes ahead the Association will contribute towards it, but if anyone would like to make a personal donation towards the window, please indicate on the form below. Some kind of permanent record will be made of contributors and preserved in the Sqn History Room. I will post more details about the window as they become available.

I’m going to wrap this up by again asking you to complete a form. This time we need to get a feel for the attendance figures so we can plan the Saturday night event (the Officer’s Mess can seat 130, more than that and we’ll hold a hangar party). There is no commitment at this stage, we just need an expression of interest.

Feel free to add your comments and suggestions to this post or in the forums (please log in to post or comment).

    Centenary - Expression of Interest

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    This is how much I'm looking forward to the IV Sqn Centenary:

    I will move heaven and earth to be there!I'll be there if I can but it's too early to say.Sorry, too far, already committed, can't make it this time...

    And also:

    There will be people in my group.

    I am interested in travelling from the Wittering area to Valley and back by coach

    I would like to contribute to the Stained Glass Window Fund


    N.B. If you are not a member of fourfax, i.e. not a registered user on this site, your vote will be discarded.

    2 comments to IV Sqn Centenary – It’s RAF Valley, 21-23 September

    • kenjohnston

      What is the accommodation situation like near RAF Valley please. All those travelling on the coach from Stamford and other areas of Europe will require accommodation.

    • I’ve just received some accommodation details for the local area from the Sqn – I’ll try to post them later today.


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