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TAC-T Land Rover with power-axle trailer used with Harriers

From Paul Hazell:

I’ve been enjoying looking at your site and wonder if you or any of your members can help me? I’m a vehicle restorer and I’m trying to learn more about a ex-RAF fire vehicle known as the TAC-T (Truck Aircraft Crash – Tactical). I own the two remaining examples of the 15 built in the early 1970s and I’m restoring one to original condition. I understand they were built mainly for use with Harriers (GR1s) on dispersal and I’d love to track down any photos your members might have? They were usual as the tanker trailer they were coupled to had a powered axle making them 6×6. They were based on a series IIa Land Rover. I know Harrier units used the TACR-1 on dispersal but they are not to be confused with these! There are some pictures of the type and the restoration here: Any information or recollections or passing this onto members would be of help! Thanks, Paul Hazell

Can anybody help?

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