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Military Pensions

From Tony Clatworthy:

The Government have altered how your Military Pension is affected by annual inflation. They have changed the link from RPI to CPI which will decrease the value of your pension year on year. Below are some examples of the loss, which have been supplied by the Forces Pension Society, illustrating the cost of the change from RPI to CPI:

a. Disabled double amputee 28 year old Corporal £587,000 by age 70. b. 40 year old Sergeant Royal Marines £212,000 by age 85. c. 40 year old Squadron Leader £319,000 by age 85.

Please sign the petition which is very easy to do, simply click on the link below:

The petition site has a blog along with a question and answer facility, do please use it.

To help make the petition grow please pass this information on to friends and colleagues. Support from both ex military and none military personnel for the petition is important as we believe the pension is a strong part of the Military Covenant which our Government is signed up to.

(The government have currently withdrawn the E-Petition facility on the government website that is why this facility is being used. Should No. 10 reinstate their site details of this petition are capable of being excepted by the governments site.)

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