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Cartoons from 1972

Thanks to Pete Mears for finding these!

Hi Chris, A sweet and sour event last Friday at RAF Wittering – a pleasure meeting up with old colleagues again, but sad watching three fine Squadrons disband, with no firm commitment to either 1 or IV Sqn reforming any time soon. At RAF Wildenrath circa 1972, a booklet of cartoons by a chap called Canning went on sale in the Malcolm Club. The cartoons caricature some of the humorous goings-on in the Harrier Force at the time. I’ve attached some examples (if you wish to put them onto Fourfax) that may bring back some fond (or not!) memories for those who were there, and maybe raise a chuckle or two in those that weren’t! Cheers, Pete

3 comments to Cartoons from 1972

  • michaelgilbert

    Hi Pete,

    I still have this cartoon book and often look at it with fond memories. Somewhere in my heap of memorabilia I also have a couple of ‘In Field’ newspapers and a couple of Zietung 47 magazines.

    Must scan them in next time they surface.


    Mike Gilbert

  • Yes please, all contributions gratefully accepted!

  • petemears

    Hi Mike

    I concur with webmaster – a great idea.

    Also, if you send your email address to I’ll send you a couple of photos from the HFA bash at Wittering last weekend.

    Cheers Pete

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