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The RAF Centenary Campaign

From the HFA:

The RAF Centenary Campaign was launched in October 2017 and concludes in September 2018. Our Centenary provides a unique opportunity to showcase our Service by commemorating our past, celebrating our considerable achievements, and inspiring people about our future as we move into our next century. Key objectives of the RAF100 Campaign will be to raise awareness of the RAF, to deepen understanding of our roles and capabilities, and to engage with those who might traditionally have had limited contact with us. We will do this by delivering an ambitious programme of complementary events and initiatives at national, regional and local levels. A key part of this programme will be a tour of aircraft around major cities within the United Kingdom. The Chief of the Air Staff is keen to use this as a vehicle to reach out to new audiences, especially our youth, and to excite them about careers in aviation and aerospace. Our concept is to include a range of aircraft covering our history from WW1, WW2, the Cold War, to the modern age and in recognition of our key anniversaries, the RAF has traditionally organised a display of static aircraft on London Horse Guards. These exhibitions have always been tremendously popular with the public and we hope to capture their imagination again this year from the 6th to 10th July. This Central London display will complement our key RAF Centenary event on 10 July 2018, involving a church service, a parade of service personnel, the consecration of a new Queen’s Colour for the RAF in the United Kingdom, a Centenary flypast and concurrent receptions at Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards.

The RAF100 Programme Team invite Association members to assist with the delivery of these events. Volunteers are invited to talk to the public and invited guests at all venues (please see RAF100 Aircraft Tour event graphic which can accompany the request) about their own experiences with the aircraft detailed below. Travel, accommodation and daily subsistence will be provided for this fantastic opportunity to contribute to the Service’s Centenary message of Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire at these extremely high profile events.

London 6-10 July – Meteor F4 (Pilot or enthusiast)

London 6-10 July – Dakota – Representing the Service’s contribution to the Berlin Airlift 1948-49 (Aircrew, ground crew, enthusiast)

London 6-10 July – Chinook – MERT experienced medical staff

All Tour Dates – Harrier GR3 – (Pilot)

London 6-10 July – Tornado GR4 – (Pilot / Navigator)

All Tour Dates – BAE Typhoon Full Scale Replica (Pilot)

London 6-10 July – LMUK F35 Full Scale Replica (Pilot or presentation team member)

Birmingham 25-27 Aug – LMUK F35 Full Scale Replica (Pilot or presentation team member)

Glasgow 31 Aug – 2 Sep 18 – LMUK F35 Full Scale Replica (Pilot or presentation team member)

Volunteers are requested to go contact the RAF100 Programme Team with their availability or to obtain more information.

Volunteer deadlines are 3 Apr 18 for Cardiff and 2 May 18 for all other events.


Tel: 020-8833-8737 / 020-8833-8772 / 020-8833-8975

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