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Sqn News – March 2018

Sun, sea, sand and… snow?

IV Sqn 6 Ship

IV Sqn 6 Ship

The Beast from the East has arrived… no, we aren’t referring to Lt Fahad Al Qarni, but the unseasonable wintry weather we have been blessed with through the early part of the year. The newly re-designated IV Squadron have enjoyed a particularly busy couple of months, with a much improved picture on jet availability thanks to some excellent work from our partners at BAe Systems. Whilst the weather has been challenging at times, the Squadron has made great progress, with the joint graduation of course 22 and 23 sending 6 newly qualified fighter pilots to their OCUs (or for the lucky one, back to CFS to learn the black arts of becoming an instructor). A wealth of new qualifications have also been gained, with B1 upgrades for Flt Lts Pearce, Critchell and Crickmore, the Typhoon Tripod, aka Flt Lts James Critchmore, James Critchmore and James Critchmore. Flt Lt Osborne and Flt Lt Van Hessing are currently deep in the throes of their A2 workup, some say they currently see only in the regulation 4 colours of CFS and have nightmares about giant airborne manuals chasing them about the Squadron, we wish them well in their exams and hope they return to the real world soon.

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