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News from Bill White (1954-57)

Bill served on IV(AC) Sqn at Jever and Sylt from 1954 to 1957 when the Squadron operated Sabres and Hunters.

Living here in Australia I don’t get much news and mostly depend on my occasional visits back to the UK. At 73 years of age the 50 hours travelling takes it out of me now. I would love to be there for the next anniversary. Probably, it will be the last time I can make the journey and will be something to look forward to. By the way, I am not that feeble. I still fly a couple of hours each week. Ultralight aircraft now but it is still aviation. Just had Airshows Down Under here in Melbourne. Pity we were not represented. This is only held every 2 years and normally coincides with the change from Summer to an awful windy and wet Autumn. Still warmer than UK. I am grateful and pleased you have kept me on your mailing list. There cannot be many of us shiny 4 blokes left from the Jever days now. Quite a few of my former colleagues are now wearing permanent wings, well, we hope so. Anyway, thanks again, keep it safe, Bill (Styx) White

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