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Fourfax is on Twitter!

fourfax on twitter Fourfax is now twittering!

Twitter is the new “social network” where users post short messages that others can read. It’s a kind of text messaging on the internet.

Other descriptions of twitter and its uses include:

  • Twitter is a service that allows people to communicate in short bursts
  • Through Twitter you can find and keep up to date with the people that are relevant to your interests and activities
  • Twitter is a really flexible type of SMS that is more useful for interacting with friends
  • Twitter is like outsourcing your inner monologue (?!?)
  • Twitter is well worth diving into

Anything that gets posted on fourfax will automatically be twittered by the fourfax account so you’ll see the news without having to come to the website.

To learn more about Twitter, go to

To follow the fourfax twitter updates, go to

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