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Wg Cdr Donald C. Ferguson AFC

Wg Cdr Donald C Ferguson AFC, aka Fergy or Black Ferg, originally from Oban, passed away on 6 April 2009. His funeral was held on 22 April at Saint Pancras Church in the small village of Kingston near Lewes. These details from Alan Pollock:

Wednesday was a splendid Sussex day for Fergy?s funeral at Pat?s & Fergy?s overfilled previous village church at Kingston near Lewes and later at the so crowded wake at Shelley?s in Lewes. Fergy?s Canadian brother, John, gave the eulogy and the service was remarkably well attended from Fergy?s previous career both airborne and beyond his time in the service, this with East Sussex CC & all his Golf & Aircrew Ass?n activitites (except perhaps from USAF FWS Nellis} i.e. 64 sqn Meteor, CFS Swinderby Vampires, 79 Sqn Swifts and 4 Sqn Hunters, 14, 74, 20 , 234. Nellis and OCU + OC 2 ?Sqn Phantoms, and 92 Lightnings etc ? included in the selection of photos on display at Shelley?s was a sharp image of Fergy as OC standing with Bob Stanford Tuck (92?s foremost success in WW2 with well over 27 enemy aircraft destroyed, whose boss on 92 Sqn was Big X, Sqn Ldr Roger Bushell, shot as leader in the Great Escape).?? All were welcomed by Pat ? among many seen there were Phil & Louise Alston, David Baron, Barry Dale, Dickie Dicken, David Drake, Richard Howard, Pete Jarvis, Pat & Audrey King, Danny Lavender, Frank Mitchell, Heather & Mac McLauchlan, Mick Ryan, Jerry Saye, Chris Strong, Tim Thorn, Mary & John Turner, Margreet & Nigel Walpole et al.?? For the past five to six years Fergy has certainly lived up to 92 Sqn?s Latin motto ?Aut pugna aut morere? = Either fight or die.
Through news from our lovely Pat Ferguson and as our vice-regal Pat King so correctly says below:
A very sad day because Fergy was a really bloody good bloke in all respects of the phrase and showed immense courage, determination and cheerful zest for life, especially in his latter years.
and from Fred Trowern also:
Great chap who I was very fond of and last met at Nigel Walpole’s?most recent?book signing.? Fought the dreaded disease hard and long, as did David Scrimgeour and Chas Boyack.
We all (and in particular all our lowland and highland Scots) lament the passing of Wg Cdr Donald C Ferguson AFC, aka Fergy or Black Ferg, known by some for 57 years or more and admired by all for his?special pqs on the ground and in the air, who died last Monday 6th April?(born on 9th June, 1933).

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