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Reversing the defence cuts is one U-turn Cameron should take

Defence Cuts

From the Daily Telegraph:

First there was the Government’s humiliating U-turn on its decision to sell large tracts of Britain’s forests. Then David Cameron was obliged to go back on his Justice Secretary’s plan to slash prison sentences for those who plead guilty early. Now we have the unedifying spectacle of the Government being forced into major concessions on its NHS reforms. No matter how much Downing Street’s spin doctors try to convince us otherwise, the message is clear: this Government is for turning. Except, that is, when it comes to the area that can least afford to be subjected to the whim of passing political fancy: namely, the defence of the realm.

With every day that passes, the wanton destruction visited upon our Armed Forces by the Government’s inept handling of last year’s Strategic Defence and Security Review becomes more evident. The Royal Navy has insufficient ships to patrol the high seas; the Royal Air Force lacks the planes to defend the skies; while the Army, which was supposed to have escaped from the cuts relatively lightly, does not have the money to equip all its soldiers properly. More…

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2 comments to Reversing the defence cuts is one U-turn Cameron should take

  • petemears

    According to this article Cottesmore’s Harriers have been flogged off to the US Marines for £34m – anyone know if this is true?

  • I mentioned that to my son earlier today (he’s a pilot in the Navy) and he said that it wasn’t true.

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