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Dump Jets

Squadron Hangar, 14 March 2011

3 comments to Dump Jets

  • petemears

    Further to earlier speculation as to the fate of the Harrier fleet currently bagged up at Cottesmore, is a snippet seen in the September issue of Combat Aircraft magazine in which the editor reports that the fleet has been sold off to the US Marine Corps as a cheap source of spares. These are seen as a welcome relief to the marines, who are now having to stretch out the life of their Harriers due to delays to the now troubled F35B STOVL version of the Joint Strike Fighter. Anyone know any more on this? Pete

  • My son (RN pilot) told me that this wasn’t the case. The rumour was, I think, all the Harriers for £40M, but apparently it’s not true.

  • Arthur Hancock

    Any of the £40M going towards the next reunion?

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