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Brief 40th Report

From Spider Webb:

Every one was there (except Godber). Three Air Chief Marshals (Dick Johns, Clive Loader (both “Sirs”) & Boggy. Other than Dick Johns, I taught them all I knew (took 10 secs). Bas, Mike Allen, Rob Webb, Huttings, Kit Adams, Pat King (he tripped/fell over after the meal & was ambulanced off), Doddy, Jeremy Saye, Mike Young, Charlie Davis, Chuck De Flamming (with cannon – he fired it but there was so much noise nobody noticed), Gerry Humphries, Jeff Glover, Dudley Carvell, Richie Thomas, Fitto, Pete Squire, Bernie Scott, Jim Arkel, Mekon, Syd, John Hickie, etc etc etc. Over 350 in total. OCU (20R Sqn) was open on Thursday – I had a go in the sim which confirmed my decision to retire as a good one! Dinner Thurs night included Har display & Fireworks & lots of boooooze. Can’t actually remember getting home. Fri was Families Day at Cott. Usual stuff – air display, static, diaries etc. Kenny McCan had a large tent with tea & stickies which we all invaded (it rained a lot). A good day – I failed to make the evening do.

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