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News from the Chings

An email from Cherie Ching (Larry and Cherie were on the Sqn at Gutersloh and Laarbruch from 1990 to 1993):

Larry is still flying – since 2001 – for IV Squadron East (CX) due to the RAF influence. He is now officially out of SFO, but we live in Alaska (welcome mat out for RAF). We shall return to the Hong Kong basing shortly, but the Alaska home is permanent as we move about the globe. Come see us, Y’all. Now I have broken the stem off a prized IV Squadron BRANDY GLASS (blame the overly enthusiastic dishwasher). Is it possible to order these beautiful etched glasses? I would like to have a back up set, or two. If anyone has an idea ref the brandy snifters please have them get in touch. We were given them as a farewell gift when we left Gutersloh. They have the IV Squadron emblem, crown and all, etched onto very nice crystal. I can probably find a crystal worker somewhere in the world to duplicate them, but it wouldn’t be the same! [Chris: these were made after my time – does anybody have a source for these brandy glasses?] To anyone wishing to experience The Great Land (Alaska) tell them “come on up.” We’ll have an open door in Hong Kong, as well, once we settle in after December. I’ll try to do better to keep you informed. I’m working on a lasso to catch time and stick it back in that proverbial bottle!

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