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Scampton Church

Joe Bartrop (project co-ordinator, RAF Commemorative Window Scampton Church)

As we approach Remembrance Day, I have been advised write to you, and ask for your support to share this tribute with your members, some of whom may have served at RAF Scampton.

The Ministry of Defence have announced that they intend to decommission RAF Scampton in 2022. Whether this happens or not, a project to commission a stunning RAF stained glass window at Scampton Church to mark 100 years’ relationship between RAF Scampton and Scampton Church (1918 – 2018), and thereby also create a lasting memory to all who served in squadrons at the base, both in peacetime, during the two world wars and the cold war, is now up and running.

RAF and aviation organisations have agreed to be non-funding community partners in the project.

Two well respected stained glass designers, with an impressive portfolio, have designed the RAF Scampton window. The RAF Scampton badge forms a central part of that design, alongside the winged RAF badge (per ardva ad astra) which sits proudly on the 106 RAF Commonwealth War Graves in the churchyard.

War Graves

The inscription on the window, chosen by Wing Commander Parker OIC at RAF Scampton, will read:

“To commemorate those who served in squadrons based at RAF Scampton 1918 – 2018”

The design includes a representation of an Avro Lancaster, Avro Vulcan and the Red Arrows Hawk Jets in a diamond nine formation, all depicted flying over the runway at RAF Scampton. Also included in the initiative is an associated aviation arts project in Scampton’s two local primary schools to which children of RAF families attend. The aim of the project is to teach the history of RAF Scampton and help teach children of the sacrifice given by others to ensure they live in a free country. Filming for the first crowd funding video was carried out by Lincoln University and is now complete, and heads the campaign site.

The film includes contributions from Wing Commander Parker (OIC RAF Scampton), Wing Commander Keith (OIC RAFAT – Red Arrows) Johnny Johnson (Last surviving member of the original 617 Squadron) and Bill Ramsey (Wing Commander Red Arrows, BBMF and Vulcan pilot) Aviation sponsors have donated to a ’thank you’ scheme which rewards contributions towards the RAF window with original prizes.

RAF Stained Glass Window

A second video focus more on the historical links between RAF Scampton and Scampton Church, and a final Remembrance Day video is due for release on 11th October. Your support in circulating this meaningful commemorative tribute to your members, some of who may have served at RAF Scampton, would greatly increase the project’s chance of success.

Here are the Campaigns Social media handles:

Campaign: Facebook: Twitter: @scamptonchurch Instagram:


Kind Regards Joe Bartrop (project co-ordinator) 07870665245

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