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No. 234 Sqn History

From Nigel Walpole:


(Please see below – circulated on Nigel Walpole’s behalf – please respond directly to him)

The heritage hunters of No. 234 Squadron (No. 1 Squadron, 229 OCU, RAF Chivenor) wish to publish a booklet of flight-line humour, ‘horror’ and achievement, entitled ‘Laugh with the Dragon’, modelled on those excellent books ,’Out of the Blue’ (Cowie, Jones & Long), and I have agreed to be the scribe and general factotum.

Terry Heyes, who gave us those splendid dragon cartoons for our squadron history ‘Dragon Rampant’, has offered his support again, but the success of this project depends now in what we can wrest from our ageing memories, and for obvious reasons we have no time to lose. We will of course plagiarise ‘Dragon Rampant’, but we know there are many other tales out there to tell.

So we would be very grateful for any such inputs from those who served on, or passed through 234 Squadron on IRE, FR, Pre-Lightning/ Buccaneer/Harrier/Jaguar/FAC courses, etc. These tales need not be confined to those occurring solely on the squadron, we also want to include others which happened to us old boys of 234 in later years. Also, while ‘facts’ are to be preferred, some fiction could be made very acceptable if suitably phrased. We have in mind anything from a single sentence to a 300 words and, while we must retain the right to reject or amend, nothing of yours would go to press without your blessing.

We therefore urge you to bare your souls now, drag out those anecdotes which have been enjoyed repeatedly in many bars over the years, so that we can record them for posterity.

A similar plea has gone out to the Sabre and Hawk fraternities, and I now hope impatiently for your positive responses to; 01502-723371.

Thank you

Nigel Walpole

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