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Out of the Blue

Al Holman writes:

Hi Chris,

I wondered if you could publicise the wonderful work that 3 colleagues of mine from my Cranwell days have accomplished.

What was planned over a few beers at a poolside bar in the south of France has been fantastically successful. It was decided to produce a book called “Out Of The Blue” a collection of short stories written by those involved. Issue one was so successful that “Out of the Blue Too” was produced and now “Out of the Blue Three” is being produced for final printing towards the end of 2017. The guys involved have given so much time and effort to this project, which nearly did not get off the ground. Thanks to enormous dedication and persistence the team finally got a company to publish the books and so far they have made over £50,000 for Military charities. The proceeds from book 1 were split between the RAF Benevolent fund and Help the Heroes. Book 2 was split between the RAF, Army and RN/RM benevolent funds.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue Too

Out of the Blue Too

If you have a story that others will find interesting, or may find amusing, or interesting and amusing, please don’t hesitate to sharpen the pencil or quill and pen a few words. The story doesn’t need to be lengthy, but it does need to be about the RAF. Also it doesn’t need to be about flying so engineers and other trades can put their thinking caps on.

If you think you have a story that would merit being published then please contact Martin Jones at: Martin will decide if your contribution is worthy of being included in the book and will keep you informed.

Please help if you can as all proceeds are being forwarded to such good causes and, who knows, anyone of us may need their help in the future.

Here are the references for books 1 & 2 on Amazon if you want to support the effort. They will make great Christmas presents to anyone with a passion for Military Aviation.

Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue Too

Chris I am sure you must have a tale or two that can be published. Like me you probably have a few that can’t!

Kind Regards,


(I’ve got both these books are they are well worth buying and reading!)

1 comment to Out of the Blue

  • Geoff Quick

    Hi Al, I thoroughly agree. I have this year downloaded both of these volumes onto my Kindle here in Tanzania. As you say, they are not just “there I was at 40k feet” type stories but candid accounts from many branches and trades from around “our” Air Force Years from the 60’s through to 00’s’s. I also thoroughly recommend the ” – Boys” series. They are informative without being patronising and from the various “worlds”, it is surprising how many times familiar names come up. It has been hinted that I might like to contribute a piece about the early days of 4 Sqn Harrier RIC(s). Whilst mulling this over I suddenly realised that the number of available “RIC Pukes” still around from those days to tell the tale is now in decline. Therefore I intent to try to rectify this with an “historical ” item here of how that evolved and operated for this site. Perhaps then to be followed up by an “unofficial” and largely personally unattributed set of anecdotes from those special years. Geoff ( Ex 99er Al 🙂 )

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