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Squadron News – Dec 2016

Hawk T2

Hawk T2

Summer arrives at IV Sqn just in time for Night flying. The unusually pleasant weather on Anglesey has led to a very productive couple of months for IV Sqn. This has meant we have been able to catch up on some of the student flying, which was almost stopped during bolthole. All this flying has caused the Creamies to build up a bit of a thirst and motivated them to rejuvenate the Squadron bar (renamed “Bar de la Creme”). Clarky and Bassy have managed to create a very popular little venture which is policed by Lynchy, his already badly scarred face is enough to scare off any would be trouble maker. The new bar was put through its paces when one of our resident USMC pilots invited his previous Squadron over and we were immersed in Ooh Rah’s and very tight haircuts for a couple of successful days building relations/spinning dits.

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